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Teaching and learning the correct methods of using processes and material is essential to obtaining competency and hence maximum benefit and enjoyment.

This requires knowing not only the physical principles upon which the process relies but also the predictable properties of the materials involved.

Gone are the days of "re-inventing the wheel", and of the well meaning but ill-informed experiment. The modern student has a right to be able to learn form the beginning the correct practices of these well established and important learning opportunities.

Whilst creativity is desirable at every stage in the learning curve, this needs to be completely constructive towards a clearly defined goal. Materials, energy and time are too valuable to be used otherwise.

To assist in solving practical teaching and learning problems in the area of technology, TechSoft offers a comprehensive range of In-service training opportunities for teachers, students and the general public from primary through to tertiary and for vocational and occupational needs, especially for small enterprises.

We also offer New Zealand Polymer Open Tech distance learning package, the full range of the internationally acclaimed BPTA plastics technology learning programmes, on-campus and on-site courses dealing with a wide range technology topics for inclusion in the graphics design and technology, home economics, electronics and control, school based enterprises and science curricula.

Teacher Training Courses 2001 Programme


Plastics Processing for Primary Schools

Plastics Processing for Intermediate Schools

Plastics Processing for Secondary Schools

Advanced Plastics Processing

Product Design

Injection Moulding


Sheet Plastics Work

Rotational Moulding

Fibre Reinforced Plastics

Plastics Film Conversion



Introduction to Electronics Applications - IET

Level One - System Construction

Level Two - System Operation

Level Three - Designing Systems

Level Four - Designing & Specifying Systems



Introduction to Applied Pneumatics

(Computer Numeric Control)

Introduction to CNC

CNC Machining (CAM)

Courses use the proven "learning by doing approach", and time is allowed to develop teaching programmes. Courses are designed to be delivered at TechSoft Technology Facility at Lower Hutt, but can be run on-campus by arrangement.

Courses are limited to six participants per course to assure quality learning. Courses are heavily subsidised by TechSoft.

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