Please use proven safe working conditions at all times.

Safety is the paramount consideration. If it's not safe -- Don't do it!

Teachers have a first-class opportunity to develop the safety-first mentality.
Being safe means you get the maximum enjoyment from technology learning.

All TechSoft equipment and materials are education-safe, and classroom proven.

TechSoft supplies are for use on TechSoft equipment -- we do not condone the use of "home-made" equipment and materials that are not tested to education-safe. Many materials are on offer that are intended for commercial or industrial use, that may not be education-safe. The onus is on the user to be sure. TechSoft test all materials and equipment to prove they are education-safe.

TechSoft will be pleased to advise on all safety related matters -- please ask us first.

Buy safe, buy TechSoft.

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