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Introduction to Pneumatics for Schools

Introduction to Applied Pneumatics for Schools


Harnessing the power of the air is a common way of powering devices of all kinds used in many different walks of life, from medical to horticultural to manufacturing, to transport . . . . the list of applications is endless.

The TechSoft Pneumatics Starter Kit - Introduction to Applied Pneumatics provides a complete learning package that leads learners at 4th Form + directly to attaining industry transferable skills and knowledge whilst developing the own designs at their own pace and with minimum supervision. Or for designing and building devices ranging from simple remote controlled mechanisms through to computer controlled robotic machines.

Pneumatics are safe and clean to use and friendly to the environment. No prior mathematics or science aptitude is necessary. Equally suitable for female and male learners, for town and for country schools, for affluent and for deprived learning situations.

The TechSoft Pneumatics Starter Kit - Introduction to Applied Pneumatics comes complete with all necessary components that when connected to a low pressure compressed air supply will enable a vast range of working devices to be assembled and disassembled. A set of demonstration projects is included to enable a novice to achieve immediately. In-service training opportunities for Teachers and senior pupils is also available. All the project materials included with the Starter Kit conform to international CETOP graphics standards recognised throughout the world.

The Starter kit uses the same high quality components identical to those used everyday in industry and can be added to on a piece by piece basis as the students gain skills and knowledge demanded for more complex and sophisticated applications.

The TechSoft Pneumatics Starter Kit - Introduction to Applied Pneumatics interfaces with the TechSoft Introduction to Electronics Technology and TechSoft CADCAM packages and provides a step by step learning curve to industry based training and are compatible to the INTEK range of industry standard modules.

A suitable low pressure compressed air supply (2 Bar or 200 kN per square metre) can be provided using the TechSoft Senior Thermoformer, a cycle tyre pump, or by using the regulator supplied fitted to a diaphragm or reciprocating type or air compressor.

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