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TechSoft design, manufacture and support a range of plastics equipment for use in the Technology Education curriculum and in the Film & TV industry.

We sell plastics materials, tested as Education-Safe®, and cut-to-size, for machines that we have manufactured.

We service machines that we have manufactured.

TechSoft sell direct to Schools, Universities and Film Companies throughout New Zealand and Australia. In other markets, our products are available from our Authorised Distributors.


Thermoforming works by heat softening a sheet of plastics material, stretching it over a forming tool (model), then removing the air (vacuum) from underneath the heated sheet. The heat softened plastics sheet will then conform to the forming tool and cool to its original stiffness.

TechSoft introduced thermoforming to New Zealand Education way back in the 1980's. Today, TechSoft Thermoforming machines are used in more New Zealand Schools and Universities than all other brands combined.

  • Standard Thermoformer
  • Manual (hand operated) pump
  • No vacuum tank assist
  • Evacuation Forming
  • 460x260mm sheet size
  • 1800W, 230V power
  • Standard Thermoformer Spec's
  • Senior Thermoformer
  • Electric pump
  • Vacuum "Tank Assist", switchable on or off
  • Evacuation & Inflation Forming
  • 400x400mm sheet size
  • 2675W, 230V power
  • Senior Thermoformer Spec's
  • Primary Thermoformer
  • Manual (hand operated) pump
  • 230x260mm sheet size
  • 850W, 230V or 120V power
  • Current Minimum Order Quantity is 20 Primary machines
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Thermoforming Material

TechSoft is the home of PVAC One™. TechSoft PVAC One™ is New Zealand's most popular thermoforming sheet — made from 80% recycled material, it is also recyclable in New Zealand. TechSoft supply PVAC One™ and other selected sheets, in a range of thicknesses, cut-to-size, for use in TechSoft Thermoforming machines. For a Material Price List, Contact us.

Heat Benders

Heat Bender machines provide a narrow width of heat to soften thermoplastics sheet so it can be bent or otherwise formed on a Folding Jig. Together, the Heat Bender and Folding Jig are the plastics equivalent of a Sheet Metal Folder.

  • Maxi Heat Bender
  • Five elements, individually switchable
  • Up to 450mm x 190mm heating area
  • 1750W, 230V or 120V machines
  • Maxi Heat Bender Spec's
  • Folding Jig
  • Provides quick, accurate, repeatable bends
  • Used with Minor or Maxi Heat Benders
  • Folding Jig Features

Hotwire Cutter

Cut Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam quickly and cleanly.

  • Hotwire Cutter
  • Profile cutting or free-form cutting with optional Handheld Sculpture Tool
  • Wire to Bow: approx 500mm (19.6")
  • Wire Height: approx 215mm (8.4")
  • 50W, 230V or 120V machines
  • Hotwire Cutter Features

Injection Moulder

Injection moulding works by heating powders of thermoplastics material from a solid to a liquid state. Whilst in this liquid state, the heated plastics material can be forced into a closed mould and then cooled to regain its solid state. This transforms shapeless powder into the shape of the moulding.

TechSoft introduced injection moulding to New Zealand Education way back in the 1980's. Today, TechSoft MiniMolder™ machines are used in more New Zealand Universities and Design Schools than all other brands combined.

  • MiniMolder™
  • In a School of Design, the TechSoft MiniMolder is designed to;
  • - show the industrial process of injection moulding with a TechSoft finished steel mould
  • - within a design syllabus, injection mould parts with a CNC machined aluminium mould
  • - within a design syllabus, injection mould a limited number of parts with a high temp 3D printed mould insert, inside a CNC machined aluminium mould bolster
  • 335W, 230V or 120V machines
  • MiniMolder™ Features

TechSoft Design V3 Software

Easy to use CAD software.

  • TechSoft Design V3
  • Graphic Design, Technical Drawing and CAD/CAM
  • Extensive geometric, vector and editing features
  • Adaptable for younger and older students
  • Used in thousands of Schools worldwide
  • TechSoft Design V3 Details

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